Metchosin Arts and Cultural Centre Association (MACCA) Mandate:

To provide suitable facilities and programs for the arts and cultural community in Metchosin.

To provide studio, workshop, display, and exhibition space, in an environment conducive to the creation and display of artistic and cultural endeavours.

To provide educational opportunities through workshops, lectures and hands-on activities.

Our Bylaws are available for download.


The Metchosin Arts & Cultural Centre is run by a volunteer Board of Directors. The MACCA could not exist without its volunteers; if you would like to get to know your fellow association members better, and have some fun in the process, please consider volunteering. If you have skills or experience that you think would be of benefit to this organization, we would be very pleased to hear from you. Please don’t be shy!

Board of Directors

President – Chris van de Water

Serving first as Vice President and now as President on the MACCA board has special meaning because I attended Metchosin Elementary School in this very building during the 1950s. As part of MACCA, I like to reach out to try and draw the “closet” artists of all genres into the light. I’m sure there are artists galore who, with a little nudging, would agree to display for everyone to enjoy.

Vice President & Liaison Director – Betty Hildreth

As a member on the Board of Directors for the Metchosin Arts and Cultural Centre, I am happy to offer my time and efforts for the good of the local Arts Community. I am very proud of the community vision that has made this centre a public space and I want to help make it a useful, practical and local hub for the Arts and Culture, showing off our unique vibe as a part of the Island. I feel I can offer experience in networking, planning and coordinating of yet another Metchosin non-profit association. Over the past 20years I have met and worked with a wide variety of fellow volunteers and District officials and residents. An approach of cooperation and consensus has served our community well; this will continue to be my approach in efforts to keep the Arts

Secretary/Treasurer – Gail Nash

Gail was a director of the West Shore Arts Council, in many positions, for over 11 years. During that time she became the liaison person between the WSAC and MACCA, before being elected as MACCA’s Secretary. After a few years the role of Treasurer was added to her duties. As a long-time resident of Metchosin, Gail is happy to lend her organizing skills to the evolving organization, especially now that the citizens of Metchosin own the school property. Gail also spends time playing oboe and English Horn with the Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra, the Civic Orchestra of Victoria, and the Westshore Community Concert Band.

Director- Charmaine Welch

Charmaine describes herself as messy but creative. Her greatest accomplishment to date was being a mom to four children. She was intrigued by the possibilities presented by the MACC and the concept of creativity — “the whys and the wherefors”. Her first love is textiles — she has been saving the world during the pandemic by creating wearable art in the form of colourful masks.

Director – Nicky Nadeau

Nicky Nadeau, director

As a new director with MACCA, Nicky hopes to help foster a greater sense of community amongst creators & artists in our community. “I am so inspired by the wonderfully talented and unique creators we have in Metchosin. It’s so energizing to be around supportive, like-minded people who want to be a part of something amazing like MACCA.” Metchosinites may know Nicky as she is a local teacher, a foster mom to rescue animals, a “sweet” business owner in Metchosin, and an organizer for MACCA’s most recent “Makers Markets” events. 

Director – Janet Parker

Janet Parker

As a new Director, Janet is looking forward to working with the amazing team at MACCA and with all the local artists. Janet brings with her experience as an Executive Director with a local Community Arts Council and is taking on this volunteer position after recently retiring from Municipal government. Janet’s responsibility is “Point of View” installations. She looks forward to working with artists to help them fully represent themselves through art displays in the hallways of the Metchosin Arts centre.

2022-2023 Financial Year

These are the draft minutes from the annual general meeting on August 10, 2023, along with the financial year end statements and budget approved members at that meeting.

Our History

The Art & Cultural Centre’s back story including the first Metchosin School was built in 1871 on land donated by John Witty, the replacement schoolhouse and later additions.

Improvement Projects

The Metchosin Arts & Cultural Centre Association (MACCA) has been managing, maintaining, and making alterations and improvements to the art centre in Metchosin since 2008.

Supporting the Community

MACCA has contributed funding and other resources for various Metchosin events not directly related to the art centre, and has promote Metchosin as a destination community for the arts

Event Photos

View photos of past events on our Event Photos page.

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