Alicia Corsiglia – Ocean Medicine

Alicia Corsiglia - underwater photos

Painter and photographer Alicia Corsiglia has been swimming in the Salish Sea all of her life, but it was only after lockdown began that she purchased an underwater camera and started documenting her daily adventures snorkeling off the shorelines from Sooke to Ogden Point and everywhere in between. 

A lifelong artist with a special interest in local biodiversity, Alicia‚Äôs striking photographs capture both the preciousness of our coastal habitats and the beauty of their intertidal marine environments.  Ocean Medicine, an exhibition of her work produced through the Art Lab at the MACC, will be on display at the POV@MACC gallery for the month of July, open 11-4 on weekends or by appointment.  We invite you to come experience this breathtaking portrait of the pandemic through the eyes of an artist intimately connected to our local waters and all of their magic.

This exhibition was produced by Art Lab.