Electrical Lightning Storm Series

Sheree Stewart painting

POV Upstairs Gallery, November 2022

Studio Sheree

In 2022, Sheree took a leap of faith and navigated away from 20 years of watercolour painting to enter a fresh and new medium of abstract acrylics. This new medium started with four months of an in-depth workshop: The Creative Visionary Program. The months of studies and classes and many paintings of 12″x12″ abstract on board woke up her senses and she was enamoured. Her creations bring a certain harmony and strong determination that mirrors her soul. After losing her husband to cancer at the age of 43, Sheree has studied in a multitude of courses and workshops to follow her love of Art, all of this time also balancing her career in management in the banking industry.

This self determination has brought her to the study of “Lightning Storms on Vancouver Island BC”. Her keen interest in storms as a child and later in life while sailing the North Atlantic led her to transform that brief flash of lightning with her brush and her very first abstract acrylic creations of her “Electric Lightning Storm Series”. That moment in time, when the electrical discharge of lightning caused by imbalances between storm clouds and the ground, or within the clouds themselves … catches your breath and you are in awe!


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