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Messenger from the time of plague

Messenger from the time of plague
Heidi Bergstrom photos

September 1 - November 22, 2020

Wed 10:30 - 1:00; Fri - Sun 11:00 - 4:00; other times by appointment

lower hallway of the art centre
4495 Happy Valley Road


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Excerpt from the artist's statement:

These “oddities” are the result of my growing apprehension of the world and its populace as I grew older and, perhaps, more thoughtful.

I started thinking more of these things in the late ‘90s and so began the drawings. I believe I finished them in the early 2000s.

By the way — none of these are the result of drugs or alcohol! I could not draw these if impaired even slightly. So, not a “pretty picture” set, but an important one, and they should disturb you. These are disturbing times. The title re: a plague has nothing to do with COVID-19, although I fear worse to come.

Tony Aish

https://collectionlegacy.uvic.ca/index.php?id=1417&artifact_action=info. This is one piece that UVIC kept and was the last piece I did before heading off to Europe. I ... planned it out almost  without looking at it and this made me wonder what I was doing. I may try again as I actually like this piece.

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