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Fiber Arts Show

Fiber Arts Show

January 15 - February 14, 2020

open whenever the art centre is open: Wednesdays 10:30 to 1:00, Friday to Sunday 11:00 to 4:00

MACCA Art Wall
4495 Happy Valley Road, Metchosin


Phone: 778-440-1773
E-Mail: richmond.anne@gmail.com

Anne Richmond – Weaver and maker

I am a fibre artist working mainly in the Saori tradition. This is a Japanese weaving approach which, among other things, has as its philosophy “Beauty without intention”. The focus of the practice is on the act of weaving – the moment by moment selection of colours, fibres and textures that together create a whole. Once a piece is woven, it will tell you what it wants to be: a cushion, a dress, a vest – anything! These pieces are of special importance to me because they contain yarns given to me by my mother, a brilliant knitter, who passed away in January 2019. As I weave my hands touch the yarn she rolled into balls, and I feel her hand in mine. I also incorporate cloth from favorite old garments or leftovers from other projects in my work.

Please contact me if you would like to explore having a piece made for you: something made from these fabrics, or a piece woven specially for you.




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