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Old Schoolhouse




Metchosin's "Old School" Trunk Sale

July 12, 2020

11 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

parking lot at the Metchosin Arts & Cultural Centre
4495 Happy Valley Road

Phone: 250-474-1865
E-Mail: info@metchosinartcentre.ca
Website: www.metchosinartcentre.ca

Metchosin Arts & Cultural Centre is getting ready to reopen to the public. Help our community celebrate the Arts in the summer of  2020.

This will be an opportunity for artists and artisans to sell/exchange art-related items from the back of their private vehicles. We are calling this a "Trunk Sale".

There will be a limit of 10 "sales vehicles" for the initial event.  If the Trunk Sale proves to be popular there will be additional sales on following Sundays during the summer. Watch for more information on the MACCA page on Facebook or check www.metchosinartcentre.ca .

Pre-registration is via info@metchosinartcentre.ca or call 250-474-1865.

Vendors are to arrive on site between 10:00 - 10:30.  Check in at the entrance to the Metchosin School Parking lot. A space will be assigned and a $20 cash fee will be collected per vendor's vehicle.

Registered vendors need to be prepared to sell from their vehicle and/or from a small table or tarp of your choice placed next to your vehicle. Remember, space is limited.  Vendors must stay with their vehicles during the sale and be prepared to take all unsold items away again by 2:00 pm.

Gates open to the public at 11:00. Sales take-down can start anytime after 1:30.  Closing time is no later than 2:00 pm.

Items must pertain to the general category of Arts. Suggested categories may include such items as:

  1. Visual Arts: Painting equipment and supplies (canvases, paints, frames, brushes), clay, glazes, carving tools, stained glass, etc.
  2. Music:  Sound and production equipment and materials, cables, speakers, musical instruments, stands, sheet music, recordings. etc
  3. Artisan tools and equipment:  Jewelry making, fabrics (cloth, yarn, leather), looms, wood, veneers, braces, bits, clamps, etc.
  4. Theatre: Costumes, puppets, ballet/dance supplies, tap shoes, props, shelving, etc.
  5. Literary supplies: Calligraphy sets,silk screening paraphernalia, typewriters, journals, printers' equipment, board games, etc.

** Work Safe BC rules and regulations will be followed as to entrance/exit, distancing, hand-sanitizer stations, and pedestrian flow. MACCA volunteers will be onsite to offer specific directions.



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