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Grants - Previous Recipients


Grant Results, November 30, 2016

Larry Moss was awarded $1,000 to assist in the cost of creating and developing a community website to cover all aspects of Metchosin. The site is completely free and all-inclusive; there are no charges for listings or paid advertising.

The site is intended to give local residents a place to show off our beautiful and diverse community; promote their creativity, ideas and businesses; and to learn more about each other. It is a one-stop web presence to show Metchosin to the world with our stunning nature, rich history and creative community. Community involvement for content is welcomed.

Visit it now at

Grant Results, June 2, 2016

  • Rough Voice Singers - Metchosin's drop in singalong - were granted $750 for the purchase of a computer to use to store and project song lyrics for their twice-monthly sessions. They provided details of the requirements for the computer and the cost.
  • Natasha Lefevre was awarded $1,000 as funding towards the cost of producing an album of songs by the "Owl and Vulture" music project: songs by her and her husband written in Metchosin. They will be performing at the Farmers Market and selling the album at local venues. They have previously produced a CD and music videos and provided a list of the expenses that the grant would help cover.
  • Sarah Leckie, a local ceramic artist, was granted $1,000 towards the cost of a Kiln Raising residency at the Banff Centre. This grant complements support she also received from the Banff Centre for the course. Sarah intends to build a wood-fired kiln in Metchosin.