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Grants-In-Aid Program

How to Apply

Grant Application Form

The form may be downloaded, printed, completed and returned to the MACCA as described at the bottom of page 1 of the form.

  • Grant applications will be invited at times posted on this website, based on available funds as determined by MACCA's Board. At present the program is on hold while the directors focus on upgrading the art centre.
  • To be eligible to receive a grant, applicants must be members of MACCA, and have an ongoing connection to Metchosin.
  • Applicants may be individuals or groups.
  • Requests for up to $1,000 will be considered. Grant applications should be made for the exact amount required, with as clear an explanation as you can give of what you will be using the funds for, and what other resources you will be drawing on (for example, you may have a partial grant to cover costs from another source, or plan to self-fund). We will consider only the amount you have proposed, not make a decision to award a lesser amount, so please be specific.
  • Grant applicants must describe the intended purpose of the grant and how it meets that purpose. Grants may cover education, materials, etc.
  • Grantees are expected to benefit the citizens of Metchosin through art in some way as part of the intended purpose of the grant - for example, by offering to exhibit a work of art, to perform music, to share a piece of writing, to offer a public workshop, to publish locally a piece of writing. The benefit to the overall community must be clear. In particular, if a capital investment is being made (purchase of equipment for example), please be sure to clarify if there will be wider community access to/use of the item, or if it will be solely for your own use.?
  • While we very much want to support new developments in art and culture, we would like to see some evidence of your ability to carry out your plan — for example, that you have done something similar, or pilot tested the activity you would like to have supported.
  • References matter, so please include these. We also appreciated images, social media links etc. as evidence.
  • The decisions of the granting committee are final and may not be appealed. The committee may agree to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants.
  • Grant recipients must provide a report to MACCA on the use of the grant within six months of receipt of their grants.



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