Ivy Kent-Popow, Paintings and Silent Auction

Ivy Kent #30

POV@MACC gallery April 17- May 31, 2021 2021

The Points of View (POV) exhibition space in the Metchosin Arts & Cultural Centre hallway is featuring a collection of paintings by Ivy Kent-Popow. Many Metchosinites will remember her for her weekly column “Goldenrod” published in the Goldstream Gazette for many years.

Through a personal connection with Metchosinites Judy and Larry Tremblay, many of Ivy’s paintings were left with them after she passed away. Judy and Larry wrote: “Ivy Kent-Popow was probably the most down-to-earth person that we have ever met. She loved nature and animals, especially cats. Ivy welcomed our grandchildren into her home and showed them the basics of how to draw. We feel privileged to have known her, and miss her to this day”.

This two-month long show will include a sale of Ivy’s works via silent auction. Proceeds will help MACCA to provide LED track lighting in the POV@MACC exhibit space. POV exhibits may be viewed any time during the day when the art centre is open, with weekend hours of 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (same as ArtPod opening times). In accordance with Provincial Health Orders concerning Covid-19, wearing a mask indoors is required.

A gallery of images of all the works in the auction may be viewed below.


  • in person: view the works at the POV@MACC, note the number(s) of the work(s) on which you want to bid, then record your bid(s) in the auction book on display in the exhibit;
  • minimum bid $25.

The bidding list will be updated regularly, so check back frequently to determine if your bid has been topped.