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The Fence is Down!

First visible step forward for updating the MACC

Gail Nash, secretary, MACCA, March 28, 2018

Chris van de Water removes the first of the fence posts

The Fence is Down!
The heavy-duty circular saw made short work of the job.
[Gail Nash photo]

With the blessing of the District of Metchosin, a small band of MACCA volunteers spent a few hours this morning removing the ugly and battered chain link fence from the forecourt of the old Metchosin School. The fence has long been an obstacle to having easier access to the art centre. School buses no longer load students in the curved driveway, so there was no further need to separate the two paved areas.

Ratchets, screwdrivers, wire cutters and a circular saw were employed in the removal task by workers Art Brendon, Chris van de Water, Betty Hildreth, Gail Nash and Robert Hume.

Split rail fencing will probably be installed along the roadside, while the chain link will be put to new use by Metchosin Parks and Recreation.

Now the fence has been removed, the potholed entryways can be leveled and the surface resealed. After that parking slots will be outlined for the entire old school property.

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