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21st century upgrading

Gail Nash, MACCA secretary, August 14, 2019

21st century upgrading
August 6, 2019: first Tea Time Coffee n' Chat in the new location
Gail Nash photo

The old Metchosin School (started in 1914) has recently acquired some 21st century improvements. the ancient round-knobbed door handles, with locks so worn that users struggled to open them, have all been replaced with modern touchpad locks. The new handles also are levers instead of knobs, and much easier to manage for arthritic fingers.

Inside painting is ongoing, with white walls making the corridors much brighter and a good background for displaying artwork.

Managers of the Seniors' Resource Centre, with assistance from MACCA volunteers, renovated what used to be the principal's office. Gone is the filthy blue carpet; in its place is smooth vinyl planking that will be easy to clean. A sliding glass window opens into the hallway. Lighting has been upgraded to LED.

Volunteers willing to assist with similar work are welcome; contact the MACCA by email at info@metchosinartcentre.ca, or stop by the MACCA office on a Wednesday between 10:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. 



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