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MACCA Business Proposal (excerpt)

MACCA Directors, May 10, 2017

MACCA Business Proposal (excerpt)

The Metchosin Arts & Cultural Centre Association is exploring the potential for utilizing the entire Metchosin elementary school ― buildings and property ― as a public access facility.

Building on the model that has operated successfully over the past seven years, MACCA believes that a community organization could secure tenancy and facilitate the management of operations at no cost to the District of Metchosin.

The facilities would be made available for various community groups and individuals as a public resource. MACCA has collected a substantial list of interested parties. The auditorium, especially, is attracting attention, as are the grounds and playing fields.

The space would be operated by a registered society under a contract with the owner. The society would be appropriately constituted for the purpose and include directors with suitable expertise.

An initial meeting with Metchosin community groups in October 2016 suggested significant interest and support, and would be followed up with more detailed consultation as the proposal is developed, including collaboration on some elements (heritage preservation, Metchosin School Museum Society, Village Square Initiative).

Significant further detail is needed on the buildings, including contents, operations costs, current conditions, repair and maintenance requirements and fire and earthquake safety status. First reading has been given to School District 62 bylaw for disposition of the property. Disposition could mean either by sale or other method such as leasing.



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