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Gym Cleanout

SD62 left behind many items when the school was sold to the District of Metchosin in the Fall of 2017. Even two weeks after the big Cash & Carry Sale on July 15 many items remained. Some of the desks, tables and chairs were stored for future use, but the rest were broken down and hauled to a dumpster outside the gym. Unfortunately, some members of the public had already taken advantage of the dumpster’s presence, so the clean-up crew were unable to fit everything in to the remaining space. Art Brendon, Chris Van de Water, Gail Nash, Gaert Linnaea, Robert Hume, Robert Patterson, Aaron Flaig and Daryl Fraser worked their tootsies off for over three hours to clear the gym.
Photos by photos by Gail Nash



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Background photo of Blinkhorn Mountain by Moralea Milne