Point of View Exhibition Hall

The Point of View exhibition space (POV@MACCA) is on the main floor common hallway of the Metchosin Arts & Cultural Centre. There is also a Portrait Gallery and the Upstairs Gallery. They are perfect for displaying two-dimensional art, such as photographs and paintings. Admission is free.

Artists may submit proposals to exhibit at any time.

Artists are responsible for the hanging and taking down of their own work (with assistance from MACCA members).

The “Point of View” POV exhibition hall’s intention is aimed at recognizing the responsibility Metchosin Arts and Cultural Association has to the people of Metchosin.

Its purpose is to offer an opportunity for local artists to show their art at no cost. The use of this facility and support for the Arts in Metchosin is made possible by The District of Metchosin’s Mayor and Council. We appreciate their generosity on behalf of the community.

Our mandate at the Metchosin Arts and Cultural Centre is;

  • To maintain the facility on behalf of the District of Metchosin
  • Actively engage public participation in the arts
  • Serve the cultural interests of Metchosin

Artists or Art Groups who wish to show in the hall spaces can contact us through this form or e-mail the coordinator directly for details regarding arranging use of the space. If you wish to send pictures of your work to the coordinator, please send them by separate email email to the coordinator.

Opening. Hours – Wed.10-1pm
Friday, Sat. & Sunday 11-4pm

Artists proposing to display their works in one or more of the POV galleries may be interested in knowing the dimensions of each space so they can more easily plan the layout.  Space dimensions are given in the captions of the photos below.

Audrey Hepburn
A recognizable portrait in the Portrait Gallery