Recent paintings by Greg Dow, SFCA

Greg’s work will be on show in the POV gallery until the end of November 2022.

I was born in in Regina, Saskatchewan. I have lived from coast to coast in Canada, Colorado in the United States, and in Northern France. I have been painting professionally since graduating from high school in North Bay, Ontario.

During decades as a painter, I held many one-man shows, including exhibitions in F. D. Gallery in Kingston, Ontario, Nash Gallery in London, Ontario, Wallack Galleries in Ottawa, Shayne Gallery in Montreal, Quebec, Hollander York Gallery in Toronto, and Crisson & Hind Gallery in Hamilton, Bermuda. I am also represented by Zwicker’s Gallery in Halifax.

My art can be found in many private and corporate collections, e.g. Queen’s University, the City of Ottawa, and Sir Sanford Fleming College.

I moved to the island two years ago and am exhilarated to find such an enthusiastic and supportive arts community on the South Shore. I am excited and happy to be opening a studio at the Metchosin Arts & Cultural Centre. Drop-in studio visits are welcome by chance or appointment. Please feel free to contact me. I will regularly have new work on hand.

(The Moment)

All I know is that I have to paint. It is the only time that everything disappears and I’m free. Why? I’ve written pages and pages about “investigating” this and “exploring” that and delete them the next morning. Not because they aren’t true but because every attempt only scratches at the surface and there is an entirely different take on things the next day. I don’t like to give them titles (paintings or exhibitions!) because the images are their own statements; I see a different title every time I look. In the end, doing the work is the only time that everything else disappears and I’m free. Hearing the faint scritch or swish of the brush against the surface is the only explanation in the moment. Sometimes images result that seem to make perfect sense and are worth sharing. More and more often, as this collection highlights, the images are of people and looking at these now gives me the feeling that the figures are all doing what they are doing because it makes everything else disappears for them and gives them the freedom of the moment.