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take a lesson, have your instrument repaired, or make a recording

Shiloh Music Studio offers guitar lessons in various styles, stringed instrument repair, and multi-track recording services, as well as live sound engineering, mixing, mastering and consultation services.

Shiloh Music Studio is your one stop shop for recording full bands or solo artists. Offering 4k video recording along with professional audio mixing and mastering; we can help you to complete your musical ideas and get your demo done.

If you’re looking to learn to play a new instrument or just brush up on your skills, we can help — one-on-one lessons available for guitar, bass, ukulele, drums, theory, audio recording and mixing.

On site consultation is also available, with a focus on house of worship and stage sound setups. Joshua is an expert on live sound reinforcement and always up to date on the latest gear to help you achieve your sound goals.

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Studio 1033, Ground Floor
Hours of operation by appointment
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Tel #: (250) 507-5442
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