Night Moves: An Outdoor Video Art Program

ArtLab, January 2022

Art Lab: Night Moves

by :ArtLab

Have you walked or driven past the centre in the evenings over the past month and noticed something new? While the centre has been closed to the public due to pandemic restrictions, the Lab has been presenting an outdoor video art program appearing on the upper-level windows of the building during dark hours. A collection of video art works by regional, national, and international artists will continue to rotate upon this space two to three evenings per week until spring, featuring a wide variety of experimental and cinematic media art. This program is entirely visible from the parking lot outside of the building and we welcome you to take a moment to enjoy it next time you are in the vicinity of the centre during dark hours.

Image stills from video work by Jocelyn Zhao.

Visible from the MACCA parking lot.

This project is produced by the Lab at MACCA.